Are you looking to lower your energy bills?  Due to the recent price hikes from the energy suppliers and with prices set to rise again, we at Amptech feel the time has come to go green and empower our clients with the smart option of generating their own energy and storing it to use when they are home and need to use that stored energy to wash clothes, cook meals or run their business.  By doing this our clients will vastly reduce the amount of energy that is provided by the energy suppliers, some clients may become almost off grid requiring little to no additional energy from the supplier and being self-sufficient.

How can our clients do this?

Our clients can reduce energy bills by adding solar panels to the roof of the building to harvest energy from the sun, it doesn’t even need to be sunny, cloudy, and rainy days also produce energy!

Battery storage stores that generated energy produced for use later when you need to use it to power your home, office, shop, farm or factory.

Solar panels and battery storage units come in all different capacities and sizes, with our expert knowledge and skills we can best advise you on a system that suits your needs

A homeowner looking into solar PV and battery storage will not usually need any planning permission, we will advise you every step of the way from design to installation and after care

Give us a call and start making your savings!