Electrical Certificates


Here at Amptech we provide every type of electrical test and inspection reports and certificates that are recognised with Local Authorities/Councils and most major insurers; Amptech also hold an additional accreditation as a Private Rental Sector Scheme Contractor:


• EICR & Periodic Inspections

• Property purchase surveys/homebuyers reports

• Emergency Light Testing

• Landlords reports and certification to comply with new Government Regulations April 2021

• Fire Detection systems

We at Amptech value our clients and are transparent in practice, here is a little information on how Electrical Testing and Inspection works:

• Client enquires about an electrical test, a formal estimate is sent across from our estimating/invoicing software via email for client consideration

• An appointment is booked for the electrical test and inspection, email confirmation is preferable 

• Once the electrical test and inspection has been completed which usually takes between 1-3 hours (your electrics should be off for approximately 15 minutes but then may or may not trip throughout the rest of the test, the electrical engineer requires clear access to the fuse board but please do not move the furniture in the rest of your property on out account)

• You will receive your invoice which can be paid by bank transfer, chip and pin (2.5% increment to use)  or cash

• Once a client has settled their outstanding invoice, James Electrical Director will look over the test and inspection report and once he is satisfied with the contents the report is released direct from the NICEIC database

• The NICEIC test report will be sent to the client via email, it is a PDF document which can also be downloaded and printed off by the client, this usually takes up to 72 hours (Working Days).

• If the electrical test report is satisfactory this is your valid 5 year NICEIC certificate

• If the electrical test report is unsatisfactory you will receive the report and a list of defects which can be found on page 2 Clients will be offered a free estimate for remedial works, Clients must address C1, C2 and FI (Further Investigation) codes to gain a valid 5 year NICEIC certificate, the client can request an estimate for C3 codes which are recommendations only and not required to be attended to in order to obtain a valid NICEIC 5 year certificate

• After client consideration and instruction to proceed, a 50% deposit for any remedial works is required to secure an appointment in the diary, an email is required to give an instruction of works

• Once remedial works are completed, the property is re-tested

• Invoice for outstanding balance is sent via email from our estimating/invoicing software

• Your new valid NICEIC 5 year certificate will be released usually within 72 hours (Working Days) upon settlement of your invoice