Electrical Contractors

NICEIC Approved Electrical Contractors in South East London & Kent

Here at Amptech Electrical Services, we dare to suggest that we are good at our job!  Happily, our customers overwhelmingly agree. But, for us, it’s not sufficient just to be good at what we do. We seek to go much further – and that’s all to do with our company ethos.

 Sure, we can get by with doing our work competently – but for us it has to be more than this. So, we set out in all that we do, to maintain our focus on our clients and their individual needs. For us, it’s not about the short-term gain – it’s about our open, transparency in our practice and our receptive approach to you and your needs – it’s about bringing our knowledge, expertise and flair to providing you with the electrical service you need – it’s about the art of the Can Do in unpredicted and difficult situations. And, at the back end of all this, of course, we need to demonstrate our efficiency and competence in the execution of the work we do.

We try hard, always, to project our ethos and hope that you will want to give us a try. You’ll be pleased you did. . . Promise!

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