Home EV Charging

Electric Car Charger Home Installation

Amptech will install your home EV Charger giving you the convenience of charging your car at home. Amptech are specialist installers working to a very high standard and will provide you with all the information needed required, if you are eligible for the OZEV grant you will receive the saving of £350 upon installation and we will claim back the grant on your behalf from the Electric Vehicle Home Scheme (EVHS) so you don’t need to worry!

• You must have off-street parking

• You must install an OZEV-approved charge point, we will help you decide!

• You must use an OZEV-approved charge point installer, you have found us!

Having a dedicated charge point at home means you can take advantage of using clean and affordable energy to charge your car at night. Both you and your car can recharge your batteries at the same time!

Are you ready to join the thousands of fellow EV owners who are doing their bit in working towards a zero emissions future?

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